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      Phone: 13905815443 / 18868190233






      Hangzhou Huali Pump Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, is engaged in the production of metering pump, dosing pump, complete chemical dosing equipment, anti-corrosion mixer, high pressure micro reactor and ultra supercritical CO2 fluid extraction equipment of the professional manufacturers. Products are widely used in liquor, ceramics, oil, power plants, food, beverage, medicine, chemical, water treatment and all the tertiary institutions, scientific research institutions and other industries.

      The strength of the company, sophisticated testing equipment, testing means perfect, also pay attention to scientific management, to strictly, truth-seeking, innovative ideas, attitude commitment to the development of enterprises, rely on their own advantages efforts to constantly improve the management mechanism.

      The quality of the product is the survival of the enterprise.. Through more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, the company has accumulated rich experience in design, development and production.. The unique structure of the product design has won national patent. In 2000 the company passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and further improve all aspects of the enterprise, continuous product performance and process to transform, so that more can meet customer needs.

      Company's service tenet: with reliable performance, superior quality, favorable price, considerate service to customer's request. On the implementation of the product three package policy.

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